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that mitt romney is declared the clear winner. he and ron paul are the only two candidates there on the ballot. >> let's get to the battleground state of ohio. it saw important still up for grabs right now looking like rick santorum with a slight lead right there, only 43% of the precincts reporting. >> also a very important win in tennessee for rick santorum tonight. he came out the clear victor, 39% to mitt romney's 28%. >> if newt gingrich was going to win anything today it was his homestate of gorge forge and he has handily with 49% of the -- of georgia and he has handily with 49% of the votes. >> a clear victory for mitt romney in vermont. >> out west rick santorum has won oklahoma as expected and grabbed 35% of the votes, the closest person there to him mitt romney is 28%. >> there are a few states still counting now. in north dakota 38% of the precincts reporting. it looks like rick santorum with a slight lead. >> let's go right to fox 5's tom fitzgerald keeping a close eye on how super tuesday is playing out. tom? >> this has been a busy night. it's clearly not over
and the district head to the polls. mitt romney holds a substantial lead in delegates and he'll likely pad his lead next week, but even if romney wins maryland, political observers say he'll face an uphill battle in this blue state come november. >> mitt romney is going to do well tuesday in maryland. he's going to win most of those delegates, but that will not translate to a mitt romney win in maryland in november. that is far less likely. >> the voters in wisconsin will also be heading to the polls tuesday. rick santorum and newt gingrich were in the dairy state today trying to win over undecided voters. >>> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now to talk about next week's primary. thank you for being here. mitt romney has not locked up the republican nomination. will his expected win in maryland finally do it? >> no. in wisconsin if he should win, i think the chorus will increase to the other candidates look, you can't win. gingrich won in georgia and south carolina and santorum won in southern states but didn't win anywhere else and romney is the presumptive nominee. so wisconsin will
authentic freedom. >>> the battle for the republic can nomination rages on while mitt romney's challengers try to desperately take down the frontrunner. james rosen with the latest from the campaign trail. >> joe biden. >> reporter: campaigning at an engineering firm in iowa, vice president biden unleashed a scorching attack on mitt romney casting the gop frontrunner as an enemy of american manufacturing. >> as governor of massachusetts repeatedly slashed funding for workforce training in manufacturing specifically. our tax cuts go to companies that create jobs over here. the romney tax cut goes to companies that create jobs overseas. >> reporter: biden also focused on romney's tenure at bayne capital reviving the line of attack used by a time for romney gop rivals and the vice president also made use of mockery. >> governor romney called the president of the united states out of touch. out of touch, romney? [ laughter ] >> reporter: the romney campaign shot back with a statement arguing that under mr. biden's boss 800,000 fewer americans have jobs. earlier romney had courted wisconsin
to represent d.c. the remaining ballots will be counted monday evening. >>> mitt romney picks up a high profile endorsement and we're looking ahead to super tuesday. >>> and later he photographed soldiers on leave from the war. tonight he talks about his up close and personal encounters with nascar's biggest names. >>> tonight on the news edge at 11:00 all those parking tickets add up. you may be shocked to learn just how much money d.c. has made off drivers last year. >>> a reminder here, you have a story idea, you can call the fox 5 tip line. the number on your screen 202- 895-3000. you can also send us an e-mail to fox5tips at back in a minute.   . >> closed captioning on the fox 5 news edge at 6:00 brought to you by the southern maryland hospital center.  >>> if you feel like gas prices go up every day, you're right. the national average is up eight cents a gallon from a week ago. drivers in d.c. are currently paying $3.87 a gallon. it is 3.71 in maryland and 3.64 in virginia. >>> on to the campaign trail now, it's the day the presidential
are watching ohio as the critical state. mitt romney said today he believes if he can win ohio, can he win the nomination. greeting supporters in ohio at a town hall campaign event mitt romney hopes to catch in on his momentum. >> this is the best place again for entrepreneurs and innovators and job creators because i want more good jobs and i want rising incomes again. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: rick santorum also campaigning in the buckeye state once had a comfortable lead here, but going into super tuesday he and romney are polling in a practical dead heat. >> this is an opportunity for ohio to stand up for the values that made this country great. >> reporter: santorum is also hoping to wrestle away some conservative vote from newt gingrich. meantime gingrich is enjoying a double digit lead in his homestate of georgia and says the poll numbers and of supporters are growing in other states -- and supporters are growing in other states as well. >> the poll came out in tennessee saying we are surging and gained 17 points in a week. >> reporter: ron paul hopes one or more o
students. >> a big day on the campaign trail for both rick santorum and mitt romney manages to hold on to a commanding lead in the delegate race. romney picks up a victory in wyoming with 100% reporting, taking 53% of the vote with 33% for santorum. santorum has a big win in kansas set to take home most of the state's 40 delegates. he takes 52% of the votes. romney takes 21% and mitt romney wince the caucuses in guam and the northern mariannea elands. no results from the virgin islands. alicia has more reaction from wichita. >> reporter: conservative voters in the heartland handing a victory to rick santorum in kansas. easily wing the caucuses there and taking a shot at mitt romney. >> we're not elect a ceo but a commander in chief and there is one person with experience on that. >> reporter: the latest numbers from "the associated press" show he got 51% of the vote and mitt romney came in sec with 14%, and ron paul 14%. santorum's rivals skipping kansas instead focusing on alabama and mississippi. newt gingrich banking on at least one of those as a win and mitt romney picking up a
romney in louisiana over the weekend but is still battling to overcome the sense of inevitability that romney will be the nominee. meanwhile the long drawn out campaign appears to be pushing some of the candidates to their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as gop presidential hopeful mitt romney lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail. santorum called rival mitt romney, "the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama." the former pennsylvania senator later said he meant romney can't stand up to obama on healthcare. his temper flared during a confrontation with a new york times recorder. >> to run against barack obama on the issue of healthcare oned the blueprint. i've been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. ing m if i see it, it's bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: as the supreme court reviews president obama's healthcare law, romney tries to distance himself from the bill largely fashioned after the one he passed while governor of massachusetts. >> there are a lot of reasons not to like obamacare. my colleagues the other day li
at 10:00. >> sums up his campaign so far. some good news and bad news for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor continued to pick up delegates. but his opponents, rick santorum, did too. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> what a great night. >> wednesday after supertuesday, mitt romney has a lot to celebrate. but his goal of locking up the nomination is still unfulfilled. >> your support means everything to ann and me and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> mitt romney won six of the ten supertuesday states including virginia. but rick santorum won tennessee and oklahoma and only lost ohio by 1%. >> this was a big night tonight. lots of states. we're going to win a few, we're going to lose a few. >> newt gingrich won his home state of georgia and once again, aimed a election night speech right at mitt romney. >> i don't believe the romney technique of outspending your opponent four or five to one with negative ads will work against barack obama. >> for his part, ron paul meanwhile, still has not won a single state. >> the amer
romney's stint in the windy city he jetted off to puerto rico where the primary is sunday. >> i want to use the experience i've had in the business world to help create more jobs, to bring good jobs to port rick oath. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall -- port rick open. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall dell -- puerto rico. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall delegate count. >> i still think we have a chance of winning illinois even though we're being outspent. >> reporter: analysts say santorum trails romney by at least nine points in illinois, but the race is much closer when voters are asked about a race without newt gingrich. the former house speaker is focusing on louisiana where the vote is next weekend. >> when i look at the gulf, i see energy, i see tourism and i see seafood. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul is also battling for his share of delegates. >> the vote in illinois is tuesday. if i was to stop in atlanta this evening, president obama is also headlining five fundraisers. >>> it was a southern primary sweep for gop hopeful rick santorum
this day making one final push for votes. frontrunner mitt romney is trying to show he can win in the deep south and blunt criticism that he can't win over conservative voters. >> it's important that we get a republican in the white house and get this country back on track with good jobs and a bright future and i intend to be that republican. >> rick santorum who is leading in recent polls in the bayou state talked about energy policy today. so did rival newt gingrich. gingrich has only won two states and is hoping for an upset win in louisiana. >>> it's a story the entire country is talking about, the death of trayvon martin. the head of the washington branch of the naacp joins us to share his views coming up. >> plus the lawyer for the soldier accused of going on a deadly rampage in afghanistan says the government will have a tough time proving its case. find out why next. >> and if you see a story you think we should look into, send your news tips to us to fox5tips at or call 202-895-3000. chils $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, the
. >>> a news alert from the campaign trail tonight. mitt romney won the illinois republican presidential primary beating out rival rick santorum in the big state contest. romney carried a significant lead over santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul. you can see the numbers with about 81% of the precincts reporting, 48% of his vote. in his victory speech romney came out swinging against president obama's energy policies. >> under this president bureaucrats prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the gulf and keep coal from being mined and impede the reliable supply of natural gas and tell farmers what their kids can do on their farms. this administration's assault on freedom has kept this so- called recovery from meeting their projections, let alone our expectations. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. mitt romney will say i can win in the midwest, right? i won michigan and illinois. >> yeah, absolutely. that's where the election is supposed to be decided in the rust belt and can he say look, did i well in all segments -- i did well in awing segments of all these diffe
race heading south, santorum and gingrich are doing everything they can to knock down mitt romney. alabama and mississippi hold their contests tuesday. gingrich skipped kansas. santorum claimed a win in kansas, but lost wyoming to romney. santorum says if romney gets the nomination it won't truly be what republicans want. >> establishment is trying to force a moderate republican down the throats of the american people. if we have to go to a convention, we'll win the convention, i have no doubt about that. >> now romney has more than twice as many presumed delegates as santorum. >>> while the republican presidential candidates gear up for alabama and mississippi, president obama is making moves of his own. he's setting his sights on a key voter demographic, women. peter doocy explains. >> reporter: in 2008, a majority of women voted for then senator obama. two years later, most women voters broke for republicans and to try to stop the gop for going on a roll with the ladies, the obama administration is sending out mail tomorrow to women and on friday we got a taste of the president
have the story. >> reporter: mitt romney has been called an underdog in the south not only by analysts, but by a staffer. no surprise, then, he bypassed kansas today which holds caucuses saturday and spent today courting republicans in mississippi and alabama. he pushed for more energy development and cited overregulation as a cause for the lack of work in the gulf. >> this regulator upon regulator and near all so concerned about covering their backside that they don't recognize that we have to get the economy going and encourage the private sector, encourage everyone in this country to be able to do the job they want to do. >> reporter: mississippi governor phil bryant endorsed romney, but alabama's governor has yet to announce a preference. in alabama the latest rasmussen poll shows newt gingrich with a slight edge over rick santorum and romney, but it's a virtual three-way tie. in the real teal politics average in alabama roll -- clear politics average in alabama romney has a slight lead. in mississippi one poll shows gingrich with a four-point lead over romney. mississippi has not
. >>> to the campaign trail where team -- capital of damascus. >>> to the campaign trail, mitt romney winning the primary tonight and george clooney calling attention to his cause. >> reporter: with the illinois primary closing in, mitt romney made his case on fox news sunday blaming president obama's policies for high gas prices and worsening relations in iran and afghanistan. >> this is a president that simply does not have experience in tough situations, not negotiating experience, not leadership experience and it's showing once again the result that one might have expected from lack of leadership. >> reporter: those will be themes if romney emerges from this year's bitter race as the republican nominee. on face the nation republican strategist david axelrod took a swipe. >> we thought we'd have a nominee by now, but every time it looks like mr. romney has some momentum he gets set back. he hasn't been able to make the sale to his own party. if he thinks he's an economic heavyweight, he must be looking in a fun house mirror. >> reporter: why the long nasty campaign even before we get to
's one guy who has a plan to actually create jobs. >> reporter: mitt romney fresh off six super tuesday wins, none of them in the south, is headed to the bible belt as well. he struggled to win over the social conservatives and evangelicals who make up the voting block there. romney is not expected to win the upcoming southern contest but he won't lose the delegate lead. >> 80% of republican primary voters, eight out of 10, now say regardless who they want to win they do believe that romney will be the nominee. >> reporter: romney and his aides called for the other republican candidates to step aside saying romney will be the nominee and that staying in the race only helps the obama campaign that is well organized, well funded and already working towards the general election. >> we're growing the biggest grassroots campaign in history across the country. >> reporter: santorum surrogates have called for gingrich to bow out saying they want a two-man race between a real conservative and mitt romney. >>> speaking of the presidential campaign, a new documentary is taking viewers inside pr
% followed by newt gingrich, mitt romney coming in third right now. the numbers still coming in in mississippi, but here's the latest. if we can get it switched over for you. rick santorum also in the lead. barely there in mississippi. 33% of the vote. gingrich with 32%. followed by mitt romney with 30%. let's get to the newsroom where laura evans is watching the results come in. laura. >> tonight is about the battle for the south. here's what is at stake. in all, 107 delegates up for grabs. 47 in alabama. 37 in mississippi. and we are also watching two other races tonight. in hawaii, there are 17 delegates and six more in caucuses in american samoa. delegates are being handed out proportionally. everyone could get some delegates tonight. early exit polls in the southern states showed a heavy turnout of born again and evangelical christians and early returns show that is working in rick santorum's favor. santorum and gingrich are working as opponents and as you saw on the numbers shawn was reading, santorum has taken the lead in the alabama primary. mitt romney needs a win i
for this life-saving gift. the former vice president receiving a lot of support via social media, mitt romney, rick santorum sending their well- wishes and the chairman of the republican national committee, ryan previs. rick santorum has worked with the former vice president for several years and where's a fighter. live at inova fairfax hospital, lauren demarco. back to you. >> and some more on what lauren talked about. he's had five heart attacks. the first one when he was 37 a quadruple bypass surgery and two angioplasty surgeries to clear his arteries. he had a pacemaker installed in 2001, and replaced a few years later. >>> and the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in florida sparked outrage all over the country. today, about 1,000 people gathered in d.c. to rally in support of martin and his family. matt ackland has more. >> we're beyond sick and tired. >> reporter: the news spread on social media. the crowd was so large outside of the wilson building, pennsylvania avenue was close to traffic. across the street, uck see his picture everywhere. >> and we would like to put our hoods u
. i did not mean a personal attack. >> mitt romney has come away the winner in the washington state caucus and that win was decisive. double digits under the runner up. mitt romney has won 185 delegates so far. santorum has 90. newt gingrich has 23. it takes 1044 delegates to win the nomination. next up, super tuesday with 437 delegates at stake and ten states. that includes virginia where only mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot. the other two fail to qualify and as fox says shannon reports, that leaves a lot of virginiaens feeling left out. >> some virginia voters don't think next tuesday is going to be so super. that's because their ballots will offer them two choices. mitt romney and ron paul. >> i'm upset. i feel like my choice has been limited. >> a lot of people with can choose from. >> we can only have two people on there. >> who is to blame? the candidates who weren't able to successfully navigate the state gop's qualification rule or the party itself for crafting them that way. >> we went back and looked over two decades and never had an issue of a candida
, mitt romney moved on to chicago for an address in economic freedom. >> the truth is this economy is struggling because our got is too big, too intrusive, too invasive of our economic freedoms. >> reporter: the math is favoring romney in illinois the day before ballots are cast, a real clear politics average of polls showing the former massachusetts governor leading rick santorum by more than eight points. santorum is racking up miles in the land of lincoln today, too with direct references to his main republican rival. >> he simply abandoned freedom when he was governor of massachusetts and he abandoned it when he promoted obamacare in 2009. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator is a distant second in the overall delegate count but santorum is slightly favored in the contest this weekend in louisiana. while newt gingrich and ron paul have no scheduled public events today, the race remains a four-way contest. >> if gingrich left the race, a large number of voters would go to santorum, but enough would go to romney so he would keep his lead. >> reporter: meanwhile preside
of people. >>> louisiana is up next in the presidential primary race after mitt romney scored a critical win in illinois last night. today, he spent time in maryland. this is an event in a suburb of baltimore this afternoon. romney took a 12 point victory over rick santorum who had been riding on the momentum he gathered in two southern primaries. he had a win in puerto rico and a fresh endorsement. >> my cell phone rang and i looked at it and it said jeb. it was yeb bush. he said, mitt, i want to let you know i'm endorsing you today and that was good news. >> romney is not spending as much money in louisiana as he has in other states. a sign he does not expect to win there. >>> a local supermarket chain making a major statement about pink slime in ground beef. find out where you won't find it anymore. but first, a holocaust survivor's heartbreaking and emotional story finally out in the open. hear about this maryland man's time in the concentration camp. next.  we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. r
votes. >> reporter: a southern litmus test, mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich neck and neck in recent polls with ron paul coming in last across the board of each one is trying to convince the heavily conservative block in both states they are the best choice to go against president obama in november. santorum and gingrich talking energy to voters today in biloxi, mississippi. >> we want to have a candidate go up against president obama who can make the case about energy and our future, who can draw a sharp contrast about what's really at state. >> reporter: the former house speaker telling voters the u.s. should work on being self- sufficient when it comes to oil and natural gas. >> i believe it is essential for the united states to have an american energy policy. i believe it's essential that we establish the goal of being the most productive oil producer in the world and natural gas producer in the world of. >> reporter: mother nature throwing a wrench into mitt romney's event in mobile, alabama. the former massachusetts governor taking the rail lynn doors and getting so
and right now he has a double digit lead. >>> mitt romney is celebrating after victories last night in arizona and michigan, but that's not exactly how rick santorum sees it. >> we actually won half the congressional districts, so we're going to walk out of michigan with 15 delegates and he's going to walk out with 15 delegates. >> he's calling it a tie. the massachusetts primary is also tuesday. that is where mitt romney was once governor. ohio's 66 delegate will be decided that day as well. >>> he's accused of killing three high school students and now we're learning more about the life of an ohio teen before he pulled the trigger. >>> plus two entertainment powerhouses oprah and lady gaga joining forces to help kids from being bullied, their plan next.  call her. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the mychevrolet app. oh. [ horn honks ] >>> neighbors say the teenager accused in that ohio school shooting had been do
in the republican presidential campaign. former senator rick santorum had been critical of mitt romney for not speaking out against the birth control rule. however, romney said today he supported the defeated amendment. >>> a local council member caught going 105 miles per hour on the beltway, but only issued a warning, tonight a former state police sergeant explains how he would have handled the case. >>> also thousands are picking up the pieces after violent storms sweep through their area. sue palka is tracking a new round of violent weather headed to the same region. ♪ let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza®. ♪ experience love that lasts. >>> folks in the midwest and the south are assessing the damage after that deadly string of tornadoes. >> yeah. and a little bit early, too. we often see this when the seasons are changing, but ther
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if he wins there. he's back as the frontrunner for the race. if he loses, i think mitt romney begins to separate himself from the field. then a very important meeting on monday with president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu about what to do with iran and whether or not there should be a military strike. we'll hear from two key foreign policy voices, lindsey graham and dick blumenthal and our power player of the week, march madness. we'll be talking to jt3, john thompson, iii. i sat down with him and he thinks georgetown as he puts it could be playing into the third weekend. >> a lot of people in this building would wholeheartedly agree. credits wallace, fox news sunday 9 a.m. on sunday morning on fox 5. see you then. >>> he is only 3 years old, but he's already a hero. how a little boy saved a life. >>> and she's at the top of her class being recruited by the top colleges, but she could be deported. >>> but first there could be trouble in the skies this weekend if you're flying a certain airline. fox business network's neil cavuto explains. >> it's the streak that just won
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